Homeowners have seen a significant increase in energy consumption as more people work from home and less children are at school. It can be costly to keep cool in the summer and stay connected. These home energy-saving tips can reduce your energy consumption and help you lower your bills. Check […]

3 CleanTech Companies Aiming to Heal* the World

*could we change heal to ‘restore’? – Heal reminds me more of HealthTech What is Clean Technology? Clean Technology, used interchangeably with Green Technology (GreenTech) and Sustainable Technology, defines a set of technologies that either reduce or optimize the use of natural resources. From relatively new sustainable energy sources like […]

Creating an Efficient and Sustainable Office Space

Incorporating green initiatives into an office design is proven to have substantial benefits on energy costs, employee wellness, and productivity. Sustainable office spaces provide more comfort, have better air quality, and are energy-efficient compared to traditional ones. As sustainable practices and methods become widely adopted, large companies have started embracing […]