Oil country tubular goods are a group of products mainly having drill pipes, casing, and tubing. With OCTG manufacturers, we would not have imagined anything in the oil and gas industry in the world. These are the products used in the oil and gas industries for drilling and carrying the materials and waste.

They could be either seamless or welded, depending upon the nature and surroundings of the site. This equipment is made from anti-corrosion alloys to prevent the damage. As the materials transported through them are highly flammable and expensive.

When this equipment is manufactured, it is examined through various tests like the hydro test. The hydro test checks the strength and leaks of the equipment manufactured. Another test is a straightness check-in in which any unusual bents and dents are examined.

Then comes the welding test, which tests the strength and leaks at the joints. These tests are conducted to ensure that no quality issue arises while the pipes are in use.

This equipment could be used for both onshore and offshore purposes. There are three main components in oil and tubular goods which are  –

Drill Pipe – The drill pipe is a tubular pipe made of steel that has threaded ends on both sides. It connects the upper assembly to the bottom hole assembly.

Casing- The outer tubes in the wellbore are known as casing. The casing prevents the contaminated drilling mud and fluids from entering the groundwater reservoir. It also stabilizes the wellbore. So it should be strong and be able to withstand high loads and pressure. There are five different types of casing, but we will not deep down into them any further.

Tubing – It is the narrowest pipeline among all three. It is present in the casing, and it transports the hydrocarbon from the bottom to the top. It is a rare case in which the oil and gas rise to the surface on their own.

Most of the time, they have to be pumped up. Tubing is done to bring the ingredients to the surface. These pipes are connected to a pump that pulls the material from inside onto the surface.

These were the basics of OCTG ( oil country tubular goods). This is a very vast topic, so all of it cannot be covered in one part. But for starters, it is more than enough.