Sunny South Africa has the perfect conditions for businesses and residents to take advantage of solar power. Many South Africans have shifted their mindset towards independent power production instead of relying on the national grid because solar power is the easiest and most affordable way to harness a readily available and sustainable natural resource.

Solar power providers in South Africa are not difficult to find, but customers want to know what kind of costs to expect before they make a decision about which service provider to contact. Sparrot has the perfect solution to this dilemma: the solar calculator.

Sparrot brings together independent power products (like solar panels, converters and solar batteries), solar power system installers and solar experts to ensure that residents and businesses get the most ideal independent power solution for their needs. Sparrot offers customers a truly unique experience: being able to calculate the approximate cost of their solar power solution based on their home or business requirements. The Sparrot team developed the first solar calculator in South Africa, which puts the power of choice in the customer’s hands.

Sparrot’s vision is to put solar panels on every roof in the country, which they can achieve by allowing customers to compare solar systems and installers. The solar calculator gives businesses and residents instant pricing and installer information. The Residential Calculator is for homeowners who want solar power as either a back-up during load shedding or as a full off-grid solution. The Commercial Calculator offers businesses up to a 70% saving on their current electricity bill and will provide businesses with the ideal solution to reduce their power costs.

Visit the Sparrot website at to find out more and to test the solar calculator for yourself.