Environment may be the natural world that is produced by the living beings (people, creatures and also the plants) and land. It is therefore the environment affecting the behaviour and growth and development of a full time income being or perhaps a factor. The environment might be living factors such as plants, creatures and decomposers and non-life like air, water, light, soil etc.

People would be the product from the environment. They’re a key point from the environment. It’s the environment that can help us for the survival, growth, development, reproduction and health. No creature’s existence can be done with no balance from the natural elements. Thus, there has to be a proper environment for the seem living. The healthier the environment the more happy the living beings including humans.

However, understanding that the environment ought to be clean, healthy and non-polluted, people have the effect of the degradation from the environment. To satisfy the fundamental needs they’re exploiting the character and natural sources. Population growth has provided a lot more pressure around the environment. However, lack of ecological quality may be the real cause of natural calamities like ton, landslide and soil erosion. Consequently, it’s also affected on the healthiness of people as well as their method of existence. Likewise imbalanced environment is continually interrupting the ecosystem or food chain.

To conclude, man is certainly not only the merchandise from the environment. So it ought to be stored in the natural condition. We have to use natural sources in a way it does not disturb natural balance.