What’s worse than a flock of birds flying around your property? A flock of birds nesting under your solar panels. Many types of birds, such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, like to nest in enclosed, covered places that protect them from predators and the elements. Solar panels are one such location some birds just love to nest under.

What, then, are the best ways to block birds out from nesting under your solar panels?

If birds have already nested underneath your solar panels, we recommend calling in a bird control company to inspect the site and remove the nests. Depending on the bird species, it may be illegal to move the nest yourself (only three bird species are not protected this way in North America) and the birds will also likely get territorial. Once birds nest, they are determined to remain in the area.

A bird control company can inspect the site and work with the government to get a permit to remove the birds’ nests if necessary. They will have the equipment to deal with the birds, including the parasites and diseases that often lurk in these birds’ nests.

The next step to stopping birds from nesting under your solar panels is to block off solar panel entranceways with bird wire mesh. AviAway installs Solar Guard Wire Mesh under solar panels at risk for bird infestations. Wire mesh goes between the solar panels and the ground, preventing birds and other small critters from having an opening in which they could enter under the panels.

Bird wire mesh for solar panels is highly effective, UV-resistant, and will last 20+ years.

The last step to protecting your solar panels is removing the impetus for birds to be in the area in the first place. In addition to safe nesting grounds, birds also want food nearby. Therefore, removing nearby bird food sources will remove their desire to flock near your solar panels.

Bird food sources usually include open trash containers, food discarded on the ground, and food intentionally left out for birds. If you can remove these food sources by covering trash containers, frequently picking up discarded food, and reminding people not to feed the birds, birds will have much less reason to be in the area.

Ledge modification devices can also be installed near solar panels to stop perching birds. These devices will reduce their presence and also reduce the amount of droppings on the panels.

Bird spikes are one of these options. Bird spikes are rods that stick out from a ledge or surface to prevent birds from perching on them. These can be installed on ledges near the solar panels to prevent birds from being able to land and perch near them.

Bird wire is another ledge modification option. Bird wire is a wire strung across poles on a ledge or surface. The wire prevents birds from being able to land. Bird wire is similar to bird spikes, but is more low-visibility, so some people prefer it for aesthetic purposes. Bird wire can be strung across ledges near solar panels to stop birds from perching.

Summary: The top priority for preventing birds from nesting under solar panels is removing birds from under the solar panels and installing bird mesh between the panels and the ground to prevent them from returning. Then, removing bird food sources and installing anti-perching ledge modification devices will further prevent birds from flocking in the area.