Solar lighting systems in commercial buildings have become more popular over the years. Apart from their lifespan, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness, they are also the greener option to grid-tied standard lighting. They allow property owners to control their impact on the ecosystem.  

Commercial solar power lighting fixtures are an economical option that provides security and illumination when the grid power is unavailable. It is also an excellent alternative approach to minimize the carbon footprint in our ecosystem. 

However, it requires regular or proper maintenance because debris and dust will build up on solar panels over time, compromising the system’s efficacy. When having a solar panel on your building’s rooftop, it would be best to incorporate ladder access for roof hatches to have safe and quick access when inspecting or maintaining the system. 

Why Use Solar Lighting Systems In Commercial Buildings?

Energy Independence

Since the solar lighting system is not relying on grid power, you have total control of your solar LED commercial lighting system. Whenever you want to set a requirement for the lighting fixtures to only operate at a particular time, the range of control option allows you to program it exactly. If the grid power goes down, your lighting system will still shine on as your lighting power does not rely on anything but only on the sunlight.

Easy Installation

The installation of this solar lighting system is simple. You only need to set the pole of the specific foundation requirement and install the solar power panel assembly. But even if the installation is relatively straightforward, if you don’t have enough experience, it is better to contact professional installers to efficiently and safely execute the solar panel system installation as it deals with hazardous electricity. However, most manufacturers will provide step-by-step installation guides in each system and assist during the process. 

No Trenching

Since this system is self-contained, it does not require underground wiring and trenching with almost all solar panels lighting systems available in the market. The system allows pole installation that does not require any drop-down wireline and costly ground trenching to run the service drop wire connection. This system also enables wiring installation up high or on the rooftop that is out of reach from other people, making them safer from the vandals or unauthorized access to its wiring controls. 

Highly Versatile with Battery Back-up

Solar lighting systems are completely off-grid and self-sustained power sources. They are becoming more versatile and efficient as they can light the whole building, including parking space and more. Solar-powered systems in commercial buildings come with batteries that store electricity and allow non-direct sunlight to provide electricity during the evening. Even in winter, with shorter day hours, it can store enough electricity in its batteries to provide lighting into the whole building. There are also some battery features with five days of backup power storage essential during large storms or inclement weather. 

Decreased Bills

Ultimately, there is no electricity bill associated with solar lighting systems as it is off-grid. After its installation, it will gain electricity from the sunlight that does not require any power from the grid or traditional power sources such as fossil fuels, which can significantly minimize the operational cost of the building.

Environmentally Friendly Power Source

The solar-powered system is one of the leading and most staple technologies among renewable energy sources. It can harness solar power every day, unlike any other energy source. Most traditional energy sources produce greenhouse gasses which negatively impact our environment. Solar-powered technology provides electricity without contributing to greenhouse emissions or harming our environment. 

Tax Credits

The government proposes several green energy solutions in exchange for incentives. Buildings or property owners who incorporate solar power technology as an alternative for power solutions are entitled to receive a certain percentage of federal tax credit for their cost. 

Every day, the sun produces energy to meet the world’s energy needs. Tapping into its unlimited and free energy is a great way to minimize the carbon dioxide or greenhouse emissions from fossil fuels to protect our planet today and in the future. That is why commercial solar lighting is considered a great option and alternative for a renewable energy source, and it is not only for ideal large-scale companies.