In the industries, compressed air is an important component during production. Air compressors which are heavily used for work require lots of consistent maintenance. Lots of compressor operators fail to adhere to the warning signs. To that effect, it is necessary to have a 24hr air compressor systems repair manual to know how to address a specific issue and also know the actions to take to uncover a problem.

Reasons why air compressors fail

Air leaks

Leaks often cause the malfunctioning of a compressor. These leaks can add up as parts of the system starts to wear down. The loss of air can be a slow and gradual process, as cracks form on either the hoses or the pipes. With time, the cracks will render the system completely inefficient.

Exceeded pressure

Pressure limit can exceed when an air compressor performs many operations at a time. When making use of a small machine in running lots of high powered operations, you may be shortening the air compressor life. It might look like you are saving money by making use of one compressor to run lots of work, but you are not.

Clogged air filters         

If not for these air filters, the compressor air that is being generated from the system would be filled with dirt and dust as it flows to each final point of application. These air filters need steady monitoring to avoid getting dirty and dusty. Also, dusty air filters degrade the performance of the system and make the system put in more energy to perform certain functions.

Insufficient Maintenance                                                               

If you don’t put up a maintenance schedule for your system, problems could emerge easily that can spread even before you notice anything. Sometimes, the issues might arise from little problems which can be easily rectified within minutes during the check-up.

Fixing a malfunctioning air compressor during production

You can save money and fix a faulty air compressor yourself. A faulty unloader valve can result to a malfunctioning air compressor, though replacement valves are always available, easy to fix and less costly.

How to fix an unloader valve

When your compressor starts up good during the initial stage but starts making strange sounds later on, your compressor has developed an unloader valve problem. The unloader valve is what makes the “pssst sound” when the system shuts off. You can begin by unplugging the compressor and opening the drain valve at the tank bottom. Remove the wires from the pressure switch, then remove the former switch. Coat the pipe with tape and fix a new switch.

Tools required for compressor repair

The necessary tools for repairing the compressor include a slip joint plier, a wrench set, and a 4-in-1 screwdriver. You will also need a pipe dope and an unloader valve which is also part of the pressure switch.