Public infrastructure and private projects often need street lights to be installed in large numbers, and agencies, businesses, and governmental bodies are looking for energy-efficient solutions. While solar power has been in use in many parts of the world, recent innovations and developments in the sector have made it more accessible for investors for various industrial, commercial, and residential needs. Today, solar street lights are no longer expensive as before, and there are some amazing products to choose from. Leading solar street light supplier from China – Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited, have come up with their all-in all foldable solar street light, which is not merely super simple to install but comes with batteries that have a warranty of one decade.

The basic overview

A solar street light basically includes a solar panel, which collects solar energy and converts it into electrical energy. The energy is stored in the batteries. Even a decade back, solar street lights were expensive to deploy, and investors were worried about the upfront costs. It is no longer like that. Manufacturers have come up with their own patented designs, each with unique features. You can find solar LED street light, which works on LEDs that can be further customized, and the best designs do have additional features like light sensors and night sensors.

Foldable design

As we mentioned, Foldable all in one solar street light from Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited is an advancement in itself. Their palm tree solar street light can fold and open, which allows to gather maximum amount of solar energy, which itself is a big advantage. Since the solar panel can get extremely hot during summers and can damage all the other components like battery and LED lights, their solar street light has a panel that can be separated, and thereby, increasing the life of the product. The product can be installed on any pole diameter of 40-115mm, and LED lights can be designed and installed as per the needs of the project. The solar street light price is dependent on the number of products needed, but you can discuss things further.

Final word

The new-age solar street lights are meant to make the most of solar power, which will emerge as the solution for tomorrow. If you haven’t considered solar power as yet for your commercial street lighting needs, there is no better time for an investment. Check online now to find more on solar street lights.