Moving into a new house with your family can be a really stressful process. Your try to think of everything that needs to be done but somehow, you end up forgetting to add few things in your checklist. Don’t make it hard on yourself since moving into a new house means you’re making new memories with your family, and it can’t be bad memories. So to help save your time, ultimate exhaustion, and unavoidable frustration, these are some of the tips to help you to smoothly move into your new house with your family.

Pest Control

You might want to keep this at the top of your checklist. Before moving into your new house, get your house sprayed by the pest control because if you don’t do this, it might get super annoying having all the pests and insects with you and your family.

Electricity Plan

Before moving into your new house, it’d be a good idea to find a good electricity plan that suits your family. If you don’t plan your electricity accordingly, you might get upset later over high bills after every two months and then you’ll have no choice than to blame your family over it, so in order to live peacefully with your family, you should definitely think about planning your electricity.

Keep all your boxes organised

Keeping your boxes organized while moving into your new house with your family will help save plenty of time as you’ll know exactly where your stuff are. Label your belongings on top of your boxes so that nothing gets mixed up and you can easily find your stuff. Keeping your boxes organised will also help you unpack them and put them in their respective places easily.

Make sure there are no leaks

Even though your house inspector might have done this already, but it’s no harm to double check it, right? While you’re moving into your new house with your family, make sure there are no leaks from anywhere in your house. Check your water meter every hour, and making sure that it remains unchanged. Check your pipes if needed, it’s always better to be careful beforehand than face it later.


While moving, make a checklist of the things that needs to have maintenance in your new house. Think of all the things, and write them down like your fridge or vacuum.

Change the Locks

You should always keep safety in mind while moving into your new house. This being your number one priority, should be done immediately. You don’t know who might already have your old lock’s keys with them. Get them changed and update your house’s safety!

Change your mailing Address

Once all the above has been done, and you’re very close to moving in to your new house with your family, you might want to finally change your mailing address. Not just this but make sure to change your address from every documents.